About Us


Corporate Apparel, established in 1996 as a trading company dealing in industrials uniforms & fabric supply has undergone a period of rapid growth and advancement since 1998 as it moved into her own manufacturing of industrial and uniforms related products. Being a forerunner in the manufacture of premium industrial apparel and related products, Corporate Apparel has optimized technological manufacturing capability and ergonomical design to achieve superior product quality at the best value for our customers.

Where electronic and manufacturing companies form the main core of our customers, our products, and services have nonetheless moved into broader segment of industries - restaurants, oil and gas, and hotels which relentlessly demand a higher standard of quality uniforms for its valued employees today. This requirement is in line with their unwavering effort to enhance the corporate image and cultivate a strong sense of pride among employees through aesthetically designed and fitted uniforms.


Floor area
8600 square feet
Product Range
Woven & knitted
Sewing Machine
30 units
Special Machine
Pocket welding. CAD/CAM, collar fusing, chain lock, buttoning.
Office Staff
10 pax
Production Staff
45 pax
Monthly Production Capacity (Max)
40 000 to 50 000 pcs
Currently monthly output
25 000 pcs
Minimum order quality
100pcs/design (preferred)
Recommended program
Long term – big volume
36 to 60 days(standard design & quantity). Realizing that time is the essence, strict delivery schedules are maintained
Key Fabric Used
Nomex, Pyrovatex, 100% cotton, polyester viscose, teteron cotton, 100% Polyester & polyester cotton
Accessories sourching capability
Within Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Taiwan, Hong Kong & Korea

We take pride in our in - house capabilities. At the factory, we perform own cutting, sewing and checking. Products in our line meet the following requirements, as established by the management:

  • Comfort
  • Practically
  • Long Lasting
  • Fashionable

It is our belief that a continued commitment to client is ultimatum in keeping Hexagon Apparel a viable player in the uniform industry. Our employees are dedicated to creating quality products, committed to achieving higher standards and never wiling to rest on their accomplishments. We enjoy having clients visit our factory. Our equipmentis all available, the employees aresuperb and the service to customers is priority. We look forward to receiving your next uniform order!